Make Life Work
A podcast with Si Jobling talking to techies about balancing work, life and side projects
2 months ago

Podroll: PETALS, Spotify or Atlassian?

This is a sample episode from Si’s latest side project PETALS where he shares insights to his continuous improvement team health framework.

1 year ago

S10E5 - The lost joy of web design with Andy Clarke & Dan Davies

The one when Si talks to Andy and Dan about shouting at clouds, working with 80s TV in the background and road trips to Roswell and Walsall.

1 year ago

S10E4 - From CEO to individual contributor with Ian Lurie

The one when Si talks to Ian about selling a business, setting bell-weathers with health and writing a book with his daughter.

1 year ago

S10E3 - Using communities and taking breaks with Montserrat Cano

The one when Si talks to Montserrat about working in isolation, enjoying the people around her and the joy of local entertainment.

1 year ago

S10E2 - Home automation & lists of things with Adrian Lansdown

The one when Si talks to Adrian about organising kids time with Excel, creating the ultimate home cinema experience and not getting sucked into social media.

1 year ago

S10E1 - On The Side Reunion with Mike & Sam

The one when Si talks to Mike and Sam about what they've been up to since we last chat in Season 5, how 2022 was for them and what they plan to get out of 2023

1 year ago

S9E7 - How does Cole Henley make life work?

The one when Si talks to Cole about the pioneering days of the Web, getting through a serious health scare and drunkenly offering to illustrate Michael Rosen's book.

1 year ago

S9E6 - How does Patricia Manley make life work?

The one when Si talks to Patricia about leading remote engineering teams from around Europe, producing a podcast of inspiring women and how gut health can improve neurodiversity.

1 year ago

S9E5 - How does James Norton make life work?

The one when Si talks to James about building trust in your teams, setting time boundaries at home and an x-ray of his daughter's broken hand.

1 year ago

S9E4 - How does Lewis Prescott make life work

The one when Si talks to Lewis about leading QA in a product-led company, using shared parental leave to balance childcare and making a podcast around baby naps.