Make Life Work
A podcast with Si Jobling talking to techies about balancing work, life and side projects
1 year ago

S9E2 - How does Carlo Beschi make life work?

The one when Si talks to Carlo about juggling 3 young kids with work, finding suitable space and time for professional situations and the joy of getting outside more.

2 years ago

S8E5 - Making Dress Circle with Dom Hodgson

The one when Si talks to Dom for the third time about running 46 miles, merge conflicts with his wife and what defines a stage show.

2 years ago

S8E4 - Making habit trackers with Simon Scarfe

he one when Si talks to Si about all the BBC talent we've met on this podcast, a pragmatic approach to IndieWeb data with WordPress & GraphQL and hacking away in-between episodes of Dragon's Den.

2 years ago

S8E3 - Making Volv with Shannon Almeida

The one when Si talks to Shannon about challenging bias news outlets, getting over burnout and how Snap have provided more than just financial investment in their vision.

2 years ago

S8E2 - Making F1 Calendar with Andy Yates

The one when Si talks to Andy about the crazy demand of Formula 1 race times, benefits of going open-source and paying the rent with sunset times.

2 years ago

S8E1 - Making polymathy with Dustin Miller PolyInnovator

The one when Si talks to Dustin about the multidisciplinary spectrum, pushing past plateaus and the challenge of creating mixed media content.

2 years ago

S7E4 - Making candles with Silvia and Ely

The one when Si talks to Silvia and Ely about VR first dates in the park, the well-being of candle making and why Shopify wasn’t right for them.